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41% Male, 59% Female
62% Aged 18-49, 66% 25-54, 30% 18-34, Avg. 44
53% College Graduates (Single and/or advanced degree)
90% Home Owners

Household Income
100K+ ………………..18%
75K+ ………………….38%
50K+ …………………62%

*The Media Audit Dec ‘10 – Jan ‘11 Lehigh, Northampton, and Carbon counties**Omniture, Rolling monthly average Q2 2011



Philadelphia is th 4th largest DMA in the United States

Nationally, the Philadelphia DMA ranks 4th in the population

Rank DMA Population
1 New York, NY 21,048,429
2 Los Angeles, CA 17,972,698
3 Chicago, Il 9,825,121
4 Philadelphia, Pa 7,916,675
United States 309,038,974

Nationally, the Philadelphia DMA ranks 4th in consumer expenditures

Rank DMA Population
1 New York, NY $417 billion
2 Los Angeles, CA $314 billion
3 Chicago, Il $187 billion
4 Philadelphia, Pa $158 billion
United States 309,038,974

Nationally, the Philadelphia DMA ranks 4th in households

Rank DMA Population
1 New York, NY 7,608,074
2 Los Angeles, CA 5,748,557
3 Chicago, Il 3,533,645
4 Philadelphia, Pa 2,995,435
United States 116,136,617


The Lehigh Valley is part of the Philly DMA & is growing faster than Greater Philadelphia

The Lehigh Valley is a vital part of the Philadelphia DMA, and is growing faster than the DMA. The population of the Lehigh Valley has grown 11% from 2000 to 2010 – a faster rate than the 5% growth that the entire DMA has experienced.

Philadelphia’s DMA

Lehigh Valley Proximity to Major Markets

Only The Morning Call is needed to cover the entire Lehigh Valley

Reach/readers who also read The Morning Call in the Lehigh Valley

Sunday % Reach Duplication w/ The Morning Call
The Morning Call 53.5% -
The Express-Times 14.6% 25.7%
Philadelphia Inquirer 0.9% 43.2%
New York Times 1.6% 63.8%

Only The Inquirer is needed to cover  greater Philadelphia

Sunday % Reach Duplication w/ The Inquirer
Philadelphia Inquirer 23.3% -
Doylestown Intelligencer 1.6% 27.5%
Bucks County Courier Times 2.6% 29.4%
Burlington County Times 1.4% 15.3%
Camden Courier Post 3.8% 30.6%


Growth in the Lehigh Valley is fueled by its proximity to the New York DMA

the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton…were the fourth most popular destinations for expatriate New Yorkers…

(New York/New Jersey residents have been)

…leaving the New York metropolitan area for Eastern Pennsylvania for years.

-The New York Times, December 22, 2005

The Lehigh Valley’s financial makeup compares favorably to places around the nation

% of Households w/HHI of $100,000+

Lehigh Valley 19.6%
Pennsylvania 18.1%
New York City 22.3%
City of Los Angeles 20.6%
City of Chicago 18.1%
City of Philadelphia 11.2%

The Lehigh Valley at a glance

Households 276,489
Population 708,089
Median HHI $55,090
Average HHI $69,465

More statistics

Men/Women 48.9/51.1%
Median Age 39.8yrs
Age 25+, any college 50.2%
Age 25+, graduated college+ 33.7%
Age 16+, civilian employed 61.4%
Family households 68.7%